Welcome to Minutes Art

Marion Najamy
Contemporary Artist

"If she isn't drawing, she isn't listening."

That's how this extraordinary art is created. She's sitting in a meeting, a necessary and important one. Her notes are detailed and intense but they aren't words. On vacation or just about anywhere she can't stop filling pages but not with words. They are doodles and designs that specifically recall to her the essence of the meeting or the experience. Thus the unusual names like "Mock Survey" and "Irish Driveway" begin to make sense. Her "Minutes" number in the hundreds and now they are translated for you to enjoy.

Minutes Art is available as framed art, stretched canvas and note cards.


About Marion

Marion is a contemporary artist located in Fairfield, CT.  Her work spans over 30 years of intricate compositions on numerous subjects.  Recently Marion has decided to release her work to the general public.  Those who know Marion know that the works presented will be extremely detailed and of the finest quality.

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